Simon Patrick has been Managing Director of ENSIS since its foundation in 1986. He is experienced in the administrative, logistical and financial management of projects of all kinds including those involving multi-partner national and international consortia. In the UK he manages the UK Acid Waters Monitoring Network for UK Defra and has managed several major EU-funded RTD projects.

Current Position

Managing Director and Honorary Reader at UCL

Management Experience

  • Lake macrophyte and habitat surveys for the Water Framework Directive (EA, CCW) Standing Waters SSSI monitoring (CCW)
  • EU Euro-limpacs (37 international partners) to evaluate the Impacts of Global Change on European Freshwater Ecosystems (EU 6th Framework Programme)
  • Freshwater SAC and SSSI site condition monitoring (EHS, DoE N. Ireland)
  • UK Acid Waters Monitoring Network (DoE/DETR/DEFRA)
  • Critical Loads for Freshwaters Research (currently the Freshwater Umbrella) Programme (DoE/DETR/DEFRA)
  • MELMARINA (European Commission INCO-Dev Programme)
  • Phases 1-3 Pilot Lake Monitoring Network to Support the Water Framework Directive (EA)
  • Sediment Survey of the Suffolk Broads (English Nature)
  • Development of a GIS Based Inventory of Standing Waters From England and Wales (EA)
  • In-SIGHT — Identification of Reference Status for Irish Lake Typologies Using Palaeolimnological Methods and Techniques (Irish EPA)
  • Risk Assessment Methodology for Determining Nutrient impacts in Surface Freshwater Bodies (NERC CEH)
  • Development of an interactive CD-ROM For the Identification of Freshwater Diatoms of the British Isles (Bowburn Consultancy)
  • Palaeolimnological Approaches to the Water Framework Directive (SNIFFER)
  • Fisheries Ecosystem Description — River Stour & Orwell (Harwich Haven Authority)
  • Freshwater Screening & Assessment Based on Freshwater Critical Loads (Modules 1–3) (EA)
  • Lake Sediment Toxicity: the Role of Trace Metals and Persistent Organic Pollutants (DEFRA)
  • The Environmental History of Kenfig Pool SAC (CCW)
  • Environmental Change at the Bosherton Lakes (CCW)
  • Nutrient Conditions for Different Levels of Ecological Status and Biological Quality in Surface Waters, (EA)
  • Feasibility Studies on Lake SSSIs (English Nature)
  • Trace Element Measurement in London and Beyond with Particular Emphasis on Mercury (DETR)
  • Palaeoecological assessment of the water quality of Loweswater (EA)
  • JNCC Standing Waters Database (English Nature)
  • Monitoring Acid Waters in Northern Ireland, (Environment and Heritage Service, Northern Ireland)
  • Assessment of Nutrient Status and Eutrophication History of Large Lakes in the North of Ireland (EC Interreg programme)
  • European-wide Mountain Lake Research Programmes (AL:PE I, AL:PE II, MOLAR and EMERGE — 26 international partners) (EC Environment Programme)
  • Nutrient Reconstruction in Standing Waters (English Nature)
  • Integrated Survey and Classification of Welsh Lakes (CCW).
  • Local site operator services for the UK Ambient Hydrocarbon Air Quality Network (via NPL)
  • Lake Classification Phase II (EA)
  • Palaeolimnological Assessments of Scottish Freshwater Lochs (SNIFFER)
  • Environmental Assessment and Reconstruction from Lakes on Svalbard, Norway (Norwegian Science Research Council)
  • UK Deposition Network site operator (6 sites) (NETCEN)
  • Monitoring the Impact of Grazing Experiments on Water Quality (Rannoch Trust and Scottish Natural Heritage)
  • BIOMASS (European Commission)
  • CASSARINA (European Commission)
  • Palaeolimnology and lakes with respect to pollution and climate change (INTAS programme, European Commission)