Roger Flower is a diatomist and freshwater ecologist with research interests in aquatic ecosystem change and diatom taxonomy. He has worked on lakes and lake sediments at sites throughout the world including the UK and Ireland, Russia (Lake Baikal), North Africa, the Falkland Islands and Canada (the oil sands region of northern Alberta). In the UK he has worked extensively on problems of surface water acidification using diatoms as indicators and he is currently collaborating with archaeologists on ancient water management issues regarding Egyptian lakes. He is responsible for diatom quality control in the UK Acid Waters Monitoring Network.

Current Position

Principal Research Consultant (Ensis Ltd) & Professorial Research Associate (UCL)

Professional Affiliations

  • Associate editor of the scientific journal Diatom Research

Selected Publications

Hassan, F., Hamdan, M., Flower, R.J. & Keatings, K (in press). Oxygen and carbon isotopic records in holocene freshwater mollusc shells from the Faiyum Palaeolakes, Egypt: palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic implications. Quaternary International.

Yang, H., & Flower, R.J. (in press). Effects of light and substrate on the benthic diatoms in an oligotrophic lake: a comparison between natural and artificial substrates. Journal of Phycology.

Oczkowski, A J.,Flower, R.J., Thompson, J.R., Ayache, F., Ahmed, M.H., Ramdani, M. & Turner, S. (2011) Evidence of North Africa's green revolution preserved in sedimentary organic matter deposited in three coastal lagoons. Ecological Applications 21(5), 1708–1717.

Abu-Zied, R.H., Keatings, K., Flower, R.J. & Leng, M.J. (2011) Benthic foraminifera and their stable isotope composition in sediment cores from Lake Qarun, Egypt: changes in water salinity during the past similar to 500 year. Journal of Paleolimnogy 45, 167–182.

Pla-Rabes, S., Flower, R.J., Shilland, E. & Kreiser, A. (2011) Assessing microbial diversity using recent lake sediments and estimations of spatio-temporal diversity. Journal of Biogeography 38, 2033–2040

Yang, H., Xie, P., Ni, L., & Flower, R.J. (2011) Underestimation of CH4 emission from freshwater lakes in China. Environmental Science & Technology 45, 4203–4204.

Yang, H., Flower, R.J., & Battarbee, R.W. (2010) An improved coverslip method for analysing epipelic diatom. European Journal of Phycology 45, 191–199.