Rick Battarbee is a limnologist and palaeoecologist specialising in diatom analysis. He has over 40 years of experience working on lakes from all parts of the world, publishing over 300 scientific papers and reports. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and a recipient of the Ruth Patrick Award for "Environmental Problem Solving". He is especially interested in lake ecosystem change over decadal time-scales and in the recovery of lakes from acidification and eutrophication.

Current Position

Chairman of ENSIS Ltd and Emeritus Professor of Environmental Change (UCL)

Professional Affiliations

  • Member, Royal Society Global Environment Research Committee
  • Royal Society Representative, Freshwater Biological Association Council

Selected Publications

Bennion, H., Battarbee, R.W., Sayer, C.D., Simpson, G.L. & Davidson, T.A. (2011) Defining reference conditions and restoration targets for lake ecosystems using palaeolimnology: a synthesis. Journal of Paleolimnology 45(4) 533–544

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