Jorge Salgado is a freshwater ecologist who specialises in the understanding of multiple stressors in structuring freshwater biodiversity, macrophyte and macroinvertebrate monitoring and in the biological analysis of lake sediments. He has specific expertise in plant and macroinvertebrate macrofossil taxonomy and chironomid head capsule and has research interests in the effects of eutrophictaion and dispersal in lake ecosystem structure and function on different time-scales. Most of his work focusses on sites in the UK but he has also worked on lakes in Central and South America.

Current Position

Research Associate (UCL)

Professional Affiliations

  • Member of the International Paleolimnological Association

Selected Publications

Salgado, J., Sayer, C.D., Brooks, S.J., & Okamura, B. (in prep.) Dispersal provides ecosystem resistance to eutrophication in shallow lake metacommunities via mass effects. Ecology Letters.

Salgado, J., Sayer, C.D., Davidson, T.A., & Okamura, B. (in prep.) Variation in macrophyte community structure in nutrient-rich shallow lake metacommunities. Ecology Letters.

Patmore I., Sayer, C.D., Goldsmith B., Davidson T.A., Rawcliffe, R. & Salgado, J. (in prep) "Big Ben": A new wide-bore piston corer for shallow lakes. Journal of Paleolimnology.

Okamura, B., Ayres, K., Salgado, J., Davidson, T.A., Shaw, R.F., Stephens, T., Hoare, D. & Sayer, C.D. (submitted). Analysing lake sediments for metapopulation dynamics: a pilot study. Aquatic Ecology.

Shilland, E.M., Irvine, L., Malcolm, I.A., Marazzi, L., Panizzo, V.N. & Salgado, J. (2012) The United Kingdom Acid Waters Monitoring Network Data Report for 2010–2011 (year 23). Report to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Contract EPG 1/3/160).

Shilland, E.M., Irvine, L., Malcolm, I.A. & Salgado, J. (2012) UK Acid Waters Monitoring Network (UKAWMN) — Llyn Llagi. Annual Summary Progress Report to the Countryside Council for Wales. April 2011—March 2012.

Davidson, T.A., Bennion, H., Sayer, C., Jeppesen, E., Clarke, G. H., Morley, D., Odgaard, B., Rasmussen, P., Rawcliffe, R., Salgado, J., Simpson, G.L. & Amsinck, S. (2011) The role of cladocerans in tracking long-term change in shallow lake trophic status. Hydrobiologia 676, 299–315.

Salgado, J., Sayer, C.D., Carvalho, L., Davidson, T.A. & Gunn, I. (2010) Assessing aquatic macrophyte community change through the integration of palaeolimnological and historical data at Loch Leven, Scotland. Journal of Paleolimnology 43, 191&204.

Davidson, T.A., Clarke, G., Rawcliffe, R., Salgado, J., Burgess, A., Turner, S. (2008) Palaeoecological assessment of freshwaters in SACs and ASSIs in Northern Ireland. ENSIS Ltd. Environmental Change Research Centre, Research Report No. 130, 1–102.