Niall Grieve has over 20 years experience as a hydroecologist and river macrophyte specialist. He has investigated aquatic systems at a range of spatial scales throughout England and Wales, from catchment scale to individual site specific studies. Niall has a strong background in monitoring and the assessment of river, canal, ditch, lake and fluvial habitats. His previous project experience covers a variety of environmental studies investigating low flow conditions and hydroecological impacts. Of particular relevance are the linkages between flow and habitat structure, natural dynamics and inter-annual variation. Niall’s present interests are focused upon the application of new technology in fluvial remote sensing. This includes the use of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP), Terrestrial LiDAR and digital image acquisition.

Current Position

Member, Freshwater Biological Association (FBA)

Selected Publications

Grieve N.J. (2010) Development of an Ecologically Based Vision for the River Camel Valley and Tributaries SSSI. Ref: Swr/Contracts/10-11/12. Report to Natural England, Peterborough.

Grieve N.J. (2011) Ecological walkover surveys of rivers in south and south-west Wales. DCWW Environmental Monitoring and Reports. Cascade Consulting.