John Boyle is an environmental geochemist specialising in measurement and modelling of long-term, large-scale, landscape nutrient fluxes, with emphasis on historical trends as evidenced by lake sediment records. His recent work is primarily centred in north western Europe, collecting and analysing Holocene sediment records of long-term phosphorus dynamics from the UK, Sweden and Norway. The UK work is primarily with the Macronutrient Cycles Programme LTLS project, and collaboration with Natural England investigating land use impacts on the Shropshire meres.

Current Position

Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography and Planning, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Liverpool. (University of Liverpool)

Selected Publications

Boyle, JF, Chiverrell, RC, Davies, H and Alderson, DM (2014) An approach to modelling the impact of pre-historic farming on Holocene landscape phosphorus dynamics. The Holocene (in press)

Clarke DW, Boyle JF, Lario J and Plater AJ (2014) Meso-scale Barrier Estuary Disturbance, Response and Recovery Behaviour: Evidence of system equilibrium and resilience from high-resolution particle size analysis. The Holocene 24, 357–369.

Tipping E, Benham S, Boyle JF, Crow P, Davies J, Fischer U, Guyatt H, Helliwell R, Jackson-Blake L, Lawlor AJ, Monteith DT, Rowe EC, Toberman H (2014) Atmospheric deposition of phosphorus to land and freshwater. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 16, 1608–1617.

Oldfield F, Chiverrell RC, Lyons R, Williams E, Shen Z, Bristow C, Bloemendal J, Torrent J, Boyle JF (2014) Discriminating dusts and dusts sources using magnetic properties and hematite:Goethite ratios of surface materials and dust from North Africa, the Atlantic and Barbados. Aeolian Research 13, 91–104.

Boyle JF, Chiverrell RC, Norton S and Plater AJ (2013) A leaky model of long-term soil phosphorus dynamics. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 27, 516–525.

Boyle JF, Chiverrell RC, Plater AJ, Thrasher I, Bradshaw E, Birks H and Birks J (2013) Soil mineral depletion drives early Holocene lake acidification. Geology 41, 415–418.

BrageĆ©, P., Choudhary, P, Routh, J., Boyle, JF, Hammarlund, D. (2013) Lake ecosystem responses to catchment disturbance and airborne pollution: an 800-year perspective in southern Sweden. Journal of Paleolimnology 50, 545–560.