Amy Burgess is a freshwater (palaeo)ecologist with almost 15 years experience in the aquatic bio-monitoring of UK lakes and reservoirs. She has specific expertise in diatom, plant macrofossil and aquatic macrophyte taxonomy. She regularly carries out lake macrophyte surveys; often analysing and interpreting these data to produce site condition assessments on the conservation status of protected lake habitats for various UK agencies. She also undertakes biological analyses of samples from both contemporary aquatic habitats and lake sediment cores to assess environmental change and afford evidence to guide lake management and restoration strategies. She has particular research interests in the effects of eutrophication on ecosystem structure and function.

Current Position

Freelance Consultant Ecologist (Ensis Ltd), Honorary Research Fellow (UCL)

Selected Publications

Sayer, C.D., Bennion, H., Davidson, T.A., Burgess, A., Clarke, G., Hoare, D., Frings, P., & Hatton-Ellis, T. (2012). The application of palaeolimnology to evidence-based lake management and conservation: examples from UK lakes. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 22, 165 180.

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