ENSIS has a proven track record of providing high quality monitoring water quality and ecological data both within the research community and in consultancy projects for clients.

ENSIS co-ordinates the UK Upland Waters Monitoring Network, a network of 24 lake and stream sites across the upland regions of the UK where water quality and aquatic biology have been monitored since 1988. ENSIS is responsible for water quality and biological (including macrophytes and diatoms) sampling, analysis of the data and producing data and interpretive reports for Defra. The latest interpretive report (1988-2008) can be found here

ENSIS has also undertaken restoration monitoring at a range of lowland sites including Felbrigg Lake (National Trust), The River Mun and Hoveton Broad We have designed and conducted national water quality surveys for sites across the UK for Defra, EA, NRW and DoENI.