We have extensive experience of measuring and monitoring the physical characteristics of lakes, ponds and rivers as well as running associated terrestrial weather stations.

We have installed and manage automatic monitoring equipment that measures and logs many different variables, eg temperature, water height/flow and conductivity, in both still and running waters. Additionally, in still waters we can deploy and service chains of automatic thermistors in order to investigate waterbody mixing regimes and temperature stratification through time. ENSIS can also perform field measurements of flow, temperature, conductivity, pH and oxygen. In lakes and ponds we can provide depth profiles of these variables as well as light level profiles and Secchi depths. In rivers we can characterise, measure and map morphology and substrate.

Sediment traps are designed to be deployed in the water-column to collect the sediment "rain" that would usually accumulate on the bottom of the water-body. They can be simple tubes suspended a metre or so above the sediment surface or sophisticated sequencing devices designed to collect sedimenting material at regular, pre-determined intervals (e.g. monthly or seasonally). We have extensive experience of both trap types and have deployed simple tube traps to great effect at Upland Water Monitoring Network sites for over 20 years. The collected material can be used for a variety of chemical and biological analyses, for example diatoms, zooplankton, trace metals and Spheroidal Carbonaceous Particles.

Ewan Kick Sampling
Outflow logging, Round Loch of Glenhead, SW Scotland