We are experts in the taxonomy and analysis of diatoms from all freshwater and brackish water habitats (Battarbee et al. 2001) and can provide summary metric data, such as TDI scores, as required. Our diatomists are registered by the Environment Agency and take part in UK-wide ring tests to assure taxonomic quality. Developmental projects have included work with other UK diatomists in the UK to produce an interactive CD-ROM to identify freshwater diatoms (Kelly et al. 2005), a study of sampling methods for littoral diatoms (King et al. 2006) and an assessment of the ecological status of lakes in the UK using diatoms (Bennion et al. 2014). We have also carried out many projects for the different environment agencies in the UK and for the Danish Ministry of Environment using diatoms to assess river water quality in streams and rivers under the EU Water Framework Directive.


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