Our objective is to promote the management, sustainable use and conservation of freshwater ecosystems. The projects we undertake all relate to that objective and, as a research-based company, contribute to our knowledge transfer mission.

UK Upland Waters Monitoring Network (UWMN)
(1988–present) DEFRA, NRW, Environment Agency, Welsh Assembly Government, CEH
Norfolk Coastal Ponds Project & Phytoplankton Study
(2014 to present) Norfolk Coastal Partnership
Hoveton Great Broad Zooplankton & Phytoplankton Study
(2014 to present) Natural England
Nar Phase II–Catchment Restoration Fund
(2014 to present ) Norfolk Rivers Trust
River Mun invertebrate monitoring following restoration
(2014 to present ) Norfolk Rivers Trust
NIEA Standing Fresh Water Monitoring of SAC and ASSI
(2013 to present) NIEA
Reference conditions for phosphorus runoff from forested areas with arable soil properties
(2012 to present) Bioforsk
Wandsworth Park lake monitoring
(2013–2014) Wandsworth Borough Council
Hoveton Great Broad Macrophyte Study
(2014) Natural England
The Ghost Ponds Project No. 2 Surveying water beetle diversity – colonisation of restored and resurrected ponds, and County Wildlife Site ponds at Brisley Green
(2014) Norfolk Biodiversity partnership
Floating Water Plantain Luronium natans (L) Raf.: Current distribution and status in Llyn Padarn and Llyn Cwellyn, Wales
(2014) Natural Resources Wales
River Itchen SSSI Channel Unit Condition Assessment
(2014) Natural England
Ghost ponds : Resurrecting lost ponds and species to assist aquatic biodiversity conservation
(2013–2014) Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership
Modelling phosphorus fluxes in Loweswater
(2012–2014)- Loweswater Care Project
River Dart acidification assessment
(2012–2013) West Country Rivers Trust
Freshwater Umbrella Phase 3
(2012–2011) DEFRA
Conservation of Cheshire Meres — Palaeolimnological Assessments
(2011–2012) Natural England
Palaeolimnological assessment & Macrophyte Surveys of Welsh Lakes
(2011–2013) CCW
Nutrient Budget of Malham Tarn
(2011–2012) Natural England
Phytoplankton Analyses for the WFD
(2010–present) Environment Agency
Standardised Bathymetries of Welsh Lakes
(2010) CCW
Assessment of Lake SSSIs
(2010) Natural England
Freshwater Umbrella Phase 2
(2007–2010) DEFRA
Lake Monitoring & Macrophyte Surveys for the Water Framework Directive
(2005–present) Environment Agency
Assessing the impact of freshwater fish farms
(2004–2007) Marine Harvest