Lake Macrophyte Surveying, Summer 2015
ENSIS staff have had a very busy summer of fieldwork. 52 lake macrophyte surveys were undertaken for the Environment Agency and 19 for Natural Resource Wales (incorporating two bathymetric surveys). The final tranche of sites (11 lakes) in Northern Ireland were surveyed in June
by Simon Turner on September 1 2015
Aquatic Plant Mapping, Wales
AECOM commissioned ENSIS to undertake a full species list and map of aquatic plants in Llyn Padarn and a survey of the aquatic plants in the Glyn Rhonwy Quarries, Snowdonia
by Martin Kernan on May 12 2015
Upland Waters Monitoring Network Report
ENSIS has submitted the 2014 Upland Waters Monitoring Network Report, the 26th annual data report from the network. This is available on the Defra UWMN website (link abover)
by Martin Kernan on April 10 2015
Water sampling in Northern Ireland
A team from ENSIS are currently in Northern Ireland taking water samples from 145 lakes as part of the 'Standing Fresh Water Monitoring and assessment of SAC and ASSI water bodies in Northern Ireland'. Results from this will feed into a series of Site condition assessments for NIEA
by Martin Kernan on February 10 2015
Recent Contracts - Norfolk Coastal Ponds
ENSIS was recently awarded a contract by the Norfolk Coastal Ponds Partnership to collate available information on ponds in the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and prioritise ponds for restoration.
by Simon Turner on February 5 2015
Recent Contracts - Felbrigg Lake Restoration Monitoring
ENSIS was recently awarded a contract by the National Trust for monitoring water quality at Felbrigg Lake, Norfolk, to determine the success of recent restoration works, including the necessity for future restoration (especially sediment removal).
by Simon Turner on February 5 2015
Upland Waters Monitoring Network
Upland Waters Monitoring Network 2013-14 thermistor chain data are now online. e.g. Llyn Llagi and Burnmoor
by Ewan Shilland on January 10 2015