Ensis was formed in 1988 as the consultancy arm of the Environmental Change Research Centre in University College London. We are located in UCL where some staff have joint appointments combining both research and consultancy functions as necessary. This arrangement ensures that our consultancy has the benefit of state-of-the-art science and can draw upon a wide pool of expertise beyond the immediate complement of Ensis staff.

Many of the consultancy services we provide are based on methods and approaches we have developed ourselves. These include the use of diatoms as indicators of water quality, the use of lake sediment records to reconstruct past environmental change, and the development of mass balance chemical modelling for acid waters.

These remain to the fore, but we also have excellent skills in a wide range of methods needed to provide a comprehensive service for clients in freshwater sciences.

Where necessary we complement our in-house skills by collaborating closely with colleagues in other Universities (especially Queen Mary, University of London) and Research Institutes (especially the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology).

Through our research and consultancy activity over the last 20 years we have built up an international reputation for our work on lakes throughout the world, with respect to problems of acidification, eutrophication, toxic substance contamination and climate change.

We provide advice to the UK Government (Defra) and to national environment and conservation agencies including the Environment Agency, SEPA, SNH, NRW and Natural England.